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About Centre for Neuroscience

Understanding the structure, function and development of the brain in health and disease represents a fascinating challenge. It requires studying the brain across different levels of organization using molecular, cellular, systems, cognitive and computational approaches.

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Recent Publications

Real-time Nanoscale Organization of Amyloid Precursor ProteinNanoscale
Differential scaling of synaptic molecules within functional zones of an excitatory synapse during homeostatic plasticity
Measuring mRNA translation in neuronal processes and somata by tRNA-FRET
Decoding task-specific cognitive states with slow, directed functional networks in the human brain
Infra-slow brain dynamics as a marker for cognitive function and decline
Spatiotemporal coupling between eye and hand trajectories during curved hand movements
Control of locomotory behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans by the immunoglobulin superfamily protein RIG-3
Reading Increases the Compositionality of Visual Word Representations
Interactions between reward motivation and emotional processing

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