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About Centre for Neuroscience

Understanding the structure, function and development of the brain in health and disease represents a fascinating challenge. It requires studying the brain across different levels of organization using molecular, cellular, systems, cognitive and computational approaches.

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Recent Publications

The basal ganglia control the detailed kinematics of learned motor skills
Computational mechanisms mediating inhibitory control of coordinated eye-hand movements
A stochastic velocity tracking optimal control model with internal feedback for saccadic eye movements. 
Subfield-specific Effects of Chronic Mild Unpredictable Stress on Hippocampal Astrocytes
Optogenetic modulation of real-time nanoscale dynamics of HCN channels using photoactivated adenylyl cyclases
Dauer formation in C. elegans is modulated through AWC and ASI dependent chemosensation
Qualitative similarities and differences in visual object representations between brains and deep networks
Spatiotemporal coupling between eye and hand trajectories during curved hand movements

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