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About Centre for Neuroscience

Understanding the structure, function and development of the brain in health and disease represents a fascinating challenge. It requires studying the brain across different levels of organization using molecular, cellular, systems, cognitive and computational approaches.

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Recent Publications

Measuring mRNA translation in neuronal processes and somata by tRNA-FRET
Decoding task-specific cognitive states with slow, directed functional networks in the human brain
Infra-slow brain dynamics as a marker for cognitive function and decline
Spatiotemporal coupling between eye and hand trajectories during curved hand movements
Control of locomotory behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans by the immunoglobulin superfamily protein RIG-3
Reading Increases the Compositionality of Visual Word Representations
Characterization of nanoscale organization of F-actin in morphologically distinct dendritic spines in vitro using supervised learning
Alpha neurofeedback has a positive effect for participants who are unable to sustain their alpha activity
Interactions between reward motivation and emotional processing

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