About Us

We are a bright new research lab at the Centre for Neuroscience, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore. We started work in January 2015 and have been powering through since, exploring intriguing facets of human cognition: from attention to decision-making in visual domain. In doing so, we employ exciting and cutting-edge technologies like TMS, MRI,DTI and computational techniques like machine learning and graph theory.
A typical day in our lab might begin with running experiments, doing data analysis, and sometimes meeting pioneers in the field from all over the world. Being part of the vibrant research environment at the Institute means that much of our work is interdisciplinary and we are usually bouncing some bizarre ideas off our colleagues’ heads. Our department has a healthy mix of labs working on many different aspects of neuroscience both systems and molecular and being part of it enables us to obtain a holistic exposure to neuroscience. We have weekly journal clubs in the lab and the department where we discuss the most recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and basically, all sorts of good science . Eligibility criteria to be part of our lab: love science. Period.

Admission Details

For those interested in applying for a doctoral program/integrated masters-phD program please click here. There are currently no positions vacant for project assistants.If you are interested in a post doctoral position, please contact Dr.Sridharan at the addresses provided in the Contact Us section. Write to us at our lab email id -  coglabcns[DOT]iisc[AT]gmail[DOT]com if you are interested in our work.